Customer Feedback

Here is just a sampling of the feedback we have received from customers that have visited our store:


"This place has to be one of the "cleanest and well kept" fish stores we have visited. I think we had to wait only a few minutes on a few of our visits but they still get a 10 out of 10 because the only reasons ive seen for waiting (other than showing up 10 minutes before closing) is the employees were in the process of acclimating new fish and corals and so they could properly/honestly answer other customers questions. Ive never seen them sell un-acclimated or sickly livestock. Its almost like going to the Aquarium of the Americas by the River but no giant buses full of kids! Also, I don't think it's guaranteed but you will likely spend $$$. That's my problem with them!" - Dave L. 

"No complaints at all! The service was great, selection like iv never seen at any of the other LFS in the area. Also, tanks are so clean and polished. The owners definitely take a lot of pride in their work!" - David A.

"Super nice and patient and great selection and prices!!" - Mike N.

"The place is a pleasure to shop at and Tim couldn't have been friendlier or more helpful. Will definitely be going back" - Lee M.

"Great Selection, very knowledgeable staff. Very clean store." - Robbie Y.

"Very helpful and friendly, great place to buy from." - Thu N.

"Great shop, great selection of very nice quality coral and fish." - Kirk A.

"These guys r great. Very friendly and helpful. I visit regularly and they r always very nice." - Chris G.

"Love this place! It's What a REAL saltwater fish store Sould LOOK like. :)" - David T.

"Clean great people wii definitely b back hope i can purchase few more items" - Henry M.

"I was told about Aquatic Sealife while looking for a saltwater fish store. When I got there, I was pleasantly surprised at the inventory and great service. Large selection of fish and coral. Lots of supplies and great pricing. I even saw acro for a great price, other places would sell that acro for double the price. Great job guys, keep up the great work, and I will definitely be a repeat customer." - Ross H.

"Sales person was very knowledgeable and helpful in making my selections"  - Tesa L.

"Very clean. Excellent" - Kody S.