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Cobalt Aquatics

  • Cobalt C-Vue All-In-One Cobalt C-Vue All-In-One

    Cobalt C-Vue All-In-One

    Cobalt Aquatics is proud to announce the arrival of the most advanced all-in-one aquariums on the market - The C-Vue series aquariums! C-VUE all-in-one aquariums are the ultimate base platform that beginning hobbyists and hardcore fishgeeks alike can use...

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  • Cobalt C-Vue All-In-One Stands

    Cobalt C-Vue All-In-One Stands

    These cabinets are designed for the C-VUE line of all-in-one aquariums. Available in matte black. Each cabinet features full access doors and an adjustable shelf. Convenient top and bottom rear ventilation and pass-through-openings allow for easy cable,...

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