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Beta Aquariums

  • Aqueon Betta Bowl

    This kit comes with everything needed to keep and care for up to two betta at once. The colorful, fun packaging inspires learininf and fascination with the fishkeeping hobby. Makes a great, inexpensive introductory aquarium.

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  • Aqueon Betta Falls

    Aqueon Betta Falls Fish Aquarium Kit is a waterfall aquarium for bettas. Includes big-tank QuietFlow filtration and 3 separate chamber aquariums. Aquarium filter and pump included LED lighting brings your aquarium to life

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  • Aqueon LED Betta Bowl

    With Aqueon, it's all about the fish. Aqueon makes a variety of aquarium solutions to sustain healthy and happy fish and aquatic life. The Aqueon BettaBow LED Kit is a simple and elegant way to house your betta fish. It has a sleek LED energy...

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  • Marina Betta EZ Care Aquarium

    The Marina Betta EZ Care Aquarium provides a no mess, no stress maintenance solution. Now there's no need to get your hands wet, disturb your Betta, or disrupt your aquarium decor in order to perform routine water changes. Simply add clean water and the...

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