We are proud to announce our exclusive partnership with Cris at Art Reef Rocks. All of the sculptures on our site are in stock and ready for shipping to be the centerpiece of your aquarium.

These awesome creations are all hand made in the Philippines using only the finest aragonite and special bonding agents, they are Nitrate and Phosphate free and have a great porosity to insure that the Bacteria colonies will have plenty of space to breed and live.

These are all in kit forms, included will be the rocks, the clear rods and each piece is labeled with instructions, your scape will take only minutes to assemble and look like a pro made them, be the envy to all of your reefing friends with these great looking scaping options.

Sizes available:

small: 10" to 14" 

Medium: 15" to 18" 

Large: 19" to 22" 

X-Large: 23" to 26" 


These sizes are the overall length of each Kit


Below is a representation of a Large Kit: