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CADE FRAG 1500 S2/F total operating Gallons - 97.7 total

The CADE Reef S2/F offers an innovative aquarium design with minimalist sophistication. From style to function, every element is a reflection of the present and future aquarium keeping trends.

CADE aquariums are fast becoming an industry leader for their innovative designs and use of quality materials. Not only do they look amazing, but they are built to function well and last long. The CADE Frag Series 1500 S2/F, the smaller model of low-profile CADE frag tanks, has an impressive list of features.

The tank

The CADE Frag Series 1500 S2/F is a rimless, open-top tank made of super high-clarity Opti-Clear glass with flat polished edges. , it has an inhabitable capacity of 88 gallons and a total system capacity of 88 gallons. It is constructed using the highest quality German Whacker silicone; silicone is precision applied producing perfect gaps and a quality finish. The CADE logo is laser etched within the front glass panel as a guarantee of authenticity.

The water management system

The CADE Reef S2/F measures 350 mm high and 700 mm wide with space split between 600 mm of inhabitable tank width. The remaining 100 mm is allocated to the Backdrop Water Management System; this feature splits the rear and front of the tank with a glass panel positioned 10 cm off the rear of the tank. This panel consists of 2x 5mm laminated glass panels with a black background color. The background color is embedded between the 2 sheets of glass ensuring there is no possibility of discoloration and minimizes the risk of scratches. The Reef S2/F also features a laminated white base, making it perfect for aquarists that prefer a bare bottom reef or a thin layer of sand (which often is blown around, exposing the base glass). The CADE Frag Series 1200 S2/F weir on the left side of the multifunction water management system offers both surface and low level water intakes, enabling superior uptake of heavier suspended solids that fail to reach regular surface intakes on regular weirs. Having an extra weir intake also serves as an emergency back up should one intake become blocked (by a carpet anemone for example), making it an important safety feature. The Reef S2/F weir is neatly concealed with a flip top cover; provisions for power cable management keep it all very neat and provides easy access for maintenance and cleaning. Inside the weir, water is delivered to the sump via 2 pipes: A main downflow pipe and an additional emergency overflow pipe which assists flow to the sump filter should the main pipe become blocked. The water intake system is designed to ensure quiet operation. The CADE Reef S2/F gives you the ability to choose between 2 water levels (a high and low level). Setting the water height is as simple as adjusting the gate valve in the sump. This is particularly handy if you want to add a wave maker to your system and need a lower water level. The remainder of the multifunction water management system is allocated to the ATO reservoir. This convenient feature prevents the need for frequent refilling of evaporated aquarium water. A plastic flip cover provides access to the ATO for easy refilling. A water volume indicator on the side of the tank lets you know when your water level is low.

The sump

The CADE Frag Series 600 S2/F sump is uniquely designed to maximize space and provide unlimited versatility. This model is equipped with a pre-filtration sock, a large Protein Skimmer/Reactor chamber, a Bio/Chemical Media Chamber and a Return Pump Chamber which also houses the ATO refill float valve that connects to the water storage reservoir in the rear of the tank. Individually removable 10 x 10 x 20 H (cm) media baskets may be used for any form of biological or chemical filter media.

The cabinet

The extra-tall and 100% waterproof S2/F Reef Frag Tank cabinet requires no assembly whatsoever; it is completely assembled with the sump pre-installed within a solid plywood box. You simply open the box, position the cabinet, rest the tank on top and screw your plumbing together. This cabinet has both front and side doors. Door hinges and magnetic latches are hidden within the frame work. The right side cabinet door accesses the Controller Management area with power on/off switches displayed for easy access. This area is specifically designed for mounting electrical controllers keeping them neat and safely away from splash. The CADE Frag Series 600 S2/F includes a chiller/accessories space on the right side of the cabinet. The 700mm depth provides sufficient space for both a chiller and other items such as dosing vessels. An accessories shelf is also provided for items such as a dosing pump; this area also provides space to neatly manage power cables that connect to the internal plugs on the Power Distribution Unit. To protect the tank, the cabinet also has a foam padding pre-installed to protect the tank. Industrial grade adjustable caster feet (included) make it easy to level out your aquarium on uneven floors.


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