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CADE Peninsula Series 1500 S2/P -210 -Total Operating Gallons

Highly styled and well-built yet surprisingly affordable, the CADE Peninsula Series 1500 S2/P is specially made for “peninsula” aquarium positioning.

The CADE Peninsula S2/P is an innovative line of high-quality, rimless, sump-filtered saltwater "peninsula" aquarium systems designed specifically for advanced reef aquarists. The CADE Peninsula Series 1500 S2/P is expertly crafted to enable unlimited customization. These tanks and cabinets look amazing while fulfilling the most stringent of reef keeping requirements.

The tank

The CADE S2/P features a rimless, open-top design and super-high clarity Opti-Clear glass with flat polished edges. It is constructed using the highest quality German Whacker silicone; silicone is precision applied producing perfect gaps and a razor sharp minimalist finish. As a distinctive mark of authenticity, the CADE logo is laser etched within the front glass panel. One of the most useful features of the CADE Reef S2/P tanks is their extra-wide profiles. This additional width enables the aquarist to create depth to their hardscape from all viewing angles and allow plenty of space for coral growth/extension. CADE Peninsula Series 1200 S2/P slimline glass Weir incorporates both surface and low-level water intakes. This enables optimal uptake of heavier suspended solids that cannot reach regular surface intakes on regular weirs. Having two weir intakes also serves as an emergency back up should one intake become blocked (by a carpet anemone, for example) making it a key safety feature of this system. Behind the low intake vents is a sealed glass channel that diverts water to the surface. This glass channels function is to both direct the debris to the surface for direct intake to the surface level plumbing and also to prevent water flooding the weir when the pump is switched off. A great new feature of the entire S2 line is a pre-laminated white base glass, making it perfect for a bare bottom reef or a thin layer of sand where water currents can expose the base glass.

The sump

CADE Peninsula Series 1200 S2/P sump maximizes space and provides options for virtually all filtration preferences. The new S2/P sump filter features a raceway format that provides optimum flow through each chamber for superior efficiency. The S2/P filter incorporates a new 2x2 filter sock format with the first bank stepping down to the second for improved Mechanical Filtration efficiency. The next chamber is the Macroalgae Chamber. The next 2 chambers are Protein Skimmer/Reactor Chambers where you will find three water feed taps conveniently provided overhead. The  10 x 10 x 20 cm media baskets are removable and can be used for any form of Biological or Bio/Chemical filter media. The Return Pump Chamber accommodates any of the high flow return pumps on the market today. On the far side of the sump, a high volume ATO Reservoir utilizes an Auto Top-Off device (not supplied) to replace evaporated water. CADE Reef S2/P Plumbing is a pre-fabricated screw fit design that installs in minutes and requires no silicone. Everything is extremely tidy and designed to operate silently without modification!

The cabinet

CADE Peninsula Series 1200 S2/P cabinets are extra-tall and require arrive pre-assembled. They are delivered within a solid plywood box with the sump pre-installed. Just open the box, position the cabinet, rest the tank on top and screw your plumbing together! CADE cabinets are constructed using 100% waterproof materials (even the magnetic door closes are concealed inside the framework to prevent them corroding). The Reef S2/P cabinet has both front and rear doors. The dominant side of the cabinet is the side containing power management. On this side all doors open. Upon opening the cabinet door, the aquarist is presented with a dedicated controller mount panel that neatly displays all aquarium device controllers. Cable feed holes to enable the aquarist to feed cables to the rear and a large cable management strip mounted to the rear of the panel to maintain neatness. The Controller Management panel is also a hinged door that opens to reveal the Power Management storage area for cables, power packs and back up batteries. Two Power Distribution Units (each with eight plugs/switches mounted directly to the controller panel) features rear-facing plugs and individual on/off switches on the front for easy access. All S2/P models have large ventilated dry areas allocated for chillers, dosing vessels and general storage. A water feed tap for the chiller which swivels to the front or rear, accommodating inlet locations of many different chiller models. An Accessories Shelf is provided for items such as dosing pumps and general storage such as food. To protect the tank, the cabinet also has a foam padding pre-installed. Industrial grade adjustable caster feet (included) make it easier to level out your tank on uneven floors.


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