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KH Guardian

  • Advanced Interface Module (AIM)

    Advanced Interface Module (AIM)

    Universally Compatible with Most Controllers The AIM is an Advanced Interface Module used to connect the KH Guardian Alkalinity Controller / Monitor to most third party controllers. Connects to third party controller PH port.

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  • Dosing Head Pharm Tube (5.5")

    Super flexible tubing ideal for the use with any IceCap, Kamoer and KHG dosing pump heads. It includes one 5.5" piece of tubing. Replace rubber hose after a running time of around 600hours or 50,000 dosing times (which ever comes first). IMPORTANT: ONLY...

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  • KH Guardian Alkalinity Monitor

    KH Guardian Alkalinity Monitor

    Introducing the Revolutionary KH Monitor The KH Monitor is without a doubt one of the most innovative, exciting and ultimate game changing reef aquarium product of this century from the brilliant minds of Dr. Bridge. The KHG is an all-in-one device that...

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  • KH Guardian Reagent

    Concentrated reagent for the KH Guardian Alkalinity Monitor. Each 35g(CC) packet makes 1500ml of reagent. KHG Reagent Solution The KH Guardian reagent is a special concentrated formulation to ensure the accuracy of the testing and safety of the...

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