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Neptune Systems

Neptune Systems is one of the aquarium industries leading engineers of controllers and monitoring equipment. Their innovative and exceptional line also includes a wide range of different accessories, dosers, automatic feeders, pumps, and more - of which can be purchased to add onto your Apex Unit, to help ensure that your reef tank is always performing at its best. These controllers very unique as they constantly monitor and control almost every aspect of your aquarium from your computer or even cell phone. Neptune Systems Apex units have helped hobbyists keep remarkable reef tanks by giving each and every user personalized feedback on what their tanks are doing and how they are performing. That is why Aquatic Sealife New Orleans uses the units in our showroom and endorses the product here on the internet and sell them on our site.

All Neptune Systems products are excluded from any and all discounts based on the manufacturers guidelines set for all Authorized Retail resellers. Purchasing these items for less than below MAP pricing can make it difficult to file future Warranty Claims or initially registering your products with Neptune Systems. Every unit has a unique serial number and is tracked to what reseller purchased it, that is how they are tracked, only buy your units from an Authorized reseller of Neptune Systems to get the full warranty and technical support.


  1. Find the the serial number of your system
    • Via the display screen> Self Test
    • Via Apex Fusion> Apex List/Selection
  2. Visit and please add “neptunesupport” with “manager permissions” to your ApexFusion Authorization section.
  3. Please complete the contact form below:
    1. When filling out the form if you do not know the Apex serial number or firmware/AOS just put N/A and we can assist where to get this information is needed
    2. Please create a New Support Ticket for each individual issue.
    3. Please note, if you do not receive a support ticket # and confirmation that the form was submitted immediately after submitting the contact form (5 minutes), then your email information may have been incorrectly entered.