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  • Innovative Marine Gourmet Grazer

    Product DescriptionAngels, Tangs, Butterflies, Mollies and many other freshwater and marine fish are natural “pickers”. They graze 90% of their day picking at the surfaces of wood, corals and rock. It is important that they are offered plenty of seaweed...

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  • LRS Premium Seaweed

    LRS Premium Seaweed

    LRS Premium seaweed is tested and found to be FREE from over 400 possible contaminants and radiation. LRS seaweed was trusted in the yellow tang captive breeding project due to the lab test results verifying the purity and quality of the...

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  • Two Little Fishies Veggie Magnet

    Two Little Fishies Veggie Magnet

    Overview*Secure a variety of aquarium foods with this easy-to-use magnetic feeding clip*Clip on seaweed sheets and more for aquarium herbivores*Powerful magnets ensure convenient aquarium placementDiversify food offerings for aquarium inhabitants-without...

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