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Kent Marine

  • Kent ChromaMax

    Chromamax Super-Concentrated Phytoplankton for Filter Feeding Invertebrates KENT MARINE CHROMAMAX is a concentrated blend of aqua-cultured, naturally-occurring phytoplankton that has been found to...

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  • Kent ChromaPlex

    Chromaplex Aqua-cultured Phytoplankton to Enhance Color KENT MARINE CHROMAPLEX is a unique blend of aqua-cultured, naturally-occurring phytoplankton that contains essential fatty and amino acids,...

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  • Kent Coral Accel

    Coral Accel Hard & Soft Coral Growth Stimulator KENT MARINE CORAL ACCEL provides complex proteins and amino acids necessary to spur coral tissue growth. Ideal nutrition when fragmenting small...

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  • Kent Coral-Vite

    Coral-Vite Essential Vitamin & Trace Mineral Supplement for Reef Aquariums KENT MARINE CORAL-VITE provides vitamins, exotic trace minerals and complex nutrients for health, vigor, and to...

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  • Kent Garlic Xtreme

    Garlic Xtreme Attractant & Food Supplement for Marine or Freshwater Fish KENT MARINE GARLIC XTREME provides a nutritional, natural attractant to help finicky eaters to take food. Contains no...

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  • Kent Hydrometer

    Kent Marine Hydrometer The Kent Marine Hydrometer makes measuring aquarium water salinity simple. Its precision and compact design provides accurate readings that aquarists of any level can...

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  • Kent Iodide

    Iodide Iodide Supplement for Reef Aquariums KENT MARINE IODIDE replaces iodide needed for proper growth and health of invertebrates and macro-algae. Contains a safe form of iodide, which will not...

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  • Kent Kalkwasser Mix

    Kalkwasser Mix Calcium Supplement for Reef Type Marine Aquariums KENT MARINE KALKWASSER MIX provides supplemental calcium to reef inhabitants while promoting growth of purple, pink, and green...

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