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The NEW ProStar lid is made of a Clear polycarbonate (Lexan) material with a clear mesh. The ProStar lid also includes evaporation covers made of the same polycarbonate material to ensure optimal light penetration. The 150 - 4 foot,200- 5 Foot, and the 230-6 foot come as a two part lid to make removal and maintenance more convenient  The lids come with 3 different size openings for light brackets. These cutouts can be removed though the use of a hand held hack saw. The bracket dimension are based on EcoTech Marine, AI, and Kessil light brackets. ProClear does not guarantee that these cutouts will fit every light in the market so please be sure to review the dimensions before purchasing. There are triangular cut outs on the corners of the lids for feeding. 

These lid overs  will only fit our aquariums that have our opening dimensions. If you choose to purchase for another brand of aquarium please verify dimensions and overflow position before purchase. 

There is also small cut outs for cord management included on every lid cover

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