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  • Carib-Sea Mineral Mud Refugum 1 Gallon

    CaribSea Mineral Mud : This is a unique blend of sediments that duplicate tropical fringing coastal mangrove environments. Mineral Mud is in a size range compatible with soft, burrowing infaunal, macro animal assemblages. Ideal for mud refugiums,...

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  • Gift Card $25.00

    We at Aquatic Sealife are now offering Gift Cards for your loved ones... Birthday's, Holiday's, Special Occasions! Or just Because you love them! Nothing better than giving the gift that they will love! Choose from an assortment of sizes , grab them...

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  • Heavy Duty Bone Cutters 7"

    Heavy Duty Bone Cutters 7"

    CoralVue 7in Stony Coral Cutters are designed specifically for cutting small polyp stony (SPS) corals.These cutters are surgical stainless steel bone cutters with tensionspring for easy handling under water. A great tool to implement for cutting SPS...

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  • Maxspect Coral Glue Gun

    Maxspect Coral Glue Gun

    Easy to Use, No More Messy Operation, No more Clogged Nozzles The Maxspect Glue gun is a unique corrosion free device that dispenses an extra thick consistency Gel great for heavier frags that you need to stand vertical even under water. Dispense...

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  • Maxspect Coral Glue Gun Refill 50g

    Maxspect Coral Coral Glue Gun Refill Maxspect Cyanoacrylate Gel comes in 50-gram refill tubes that is safe for fish and inverts. Features a quick dry time, and extra thick consistency great for heavier frags that you need to stand vertical or to bond...

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  • Maxspect Coral Handsaw

    Maxspect Coral Handsaw

    Maxspect Coral Hand Saw is a fragging to to take on the serious coral cuts. The Saw Blade is treated with a Anti-Corrosion coating. Handle is made with a 315L surgical grade stainless steel.

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  • Polyp Lab Coral View Lens

    Polyp Lab Coral View Lens

    Capturing nature beauty in a perfect light, with the perfect angle using your smart phone or tablet have never been so easy with the new Polyplab Coral view lens.Taking pictures of your beautiful corals often requires changing your aquarium light color...

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  • Seachem Algae Scraper 12"

    The Seachem Algae Scraper is designed with versatility in mind. With three retractable blades: metal, plastic, and soft pad, it is suited for both glass and acrylic aquariums. It is lightweight and features an ergonomic handle making it comfortable to...

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