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Aragonite Enhancers (3 Part dosing method)

Aragonite Enhancers

It's time to maintain Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium using our Aragonite Enhancers.


You will dose equal parts of each component to start

  • Quantum Aragonite A

    CALCIUM | STRONTIUM | BARIUM. Quantum® Aragonite A™ is designed to provide ionic & complexed calcium as well as other key elements such as strontium and barium to help build strong aragonite. When aragonite elements are low in...

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  • Quantum Aragonite B

    Carbonate | Hydrogen Carbonate | Buffer Quantum® Aragonite B™ is designed to provide carbonate, hydrogen carbonate & buffers to help stabilize pH and build strong aragonite. Carbonates help to stabilize pH within saltwater aquariums due...

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  • Quantum Aragonite C

    Magnesium | Sulphate | Trace Quantum® Aragonite C™ is designed to provide ionic & complexed magnesium as well as other key aragonite constituents such as sulphate and trace elements. When magnesium is low, KH fluctuations can occur more...

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  • Quantum Bio-Enhance

    Builds Tissue & Improves Vitality. Quantum™ Bio-Enhance™ is designed to provide protein, amino acids, fatty acids, carbohydrates & vitamins for enhancing both tissue growth and vitality. We have combined 5 separate products into an...

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