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Aquaforest Salt & Supplements


  • Aquaforest -NP Pro

    Aquaforest -NP Pro

    DescriptionCustomer FeedbackWhy Shop Saltwater?Related ProductsProduct DescriptionHighly concentrated probiotic bacteria.Supplement contains several specially selected bacteria strains. Key function is to transform phosphate and nitrates to a biomass...

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  • Aquaforest AF Amino Mix/Coral A

    Aquaforest AF Amino Mix/Coral A

    Product DescriptionEssential for marine aquarium, especially for Ultra Low Nutrient Systems (ULNS). Contains concentrated amino acids, one of the main source of energy for all types of corals and filter feeders. It accelerates metabolism, aids growth as...

    As low as $9.99
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  • Aquaforest AF Energy/Coral E

    Aquaforest AF Energy/Coral E

    DescriptionCustomer FeedbackWhy Shop Saltwater?Related ProductsProduct DescriptionAccelerates coral growth. Contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, unique Highly concentrated and nutritious food for corals. extract from selected zooplankton, amino...

    As low as $9.99
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  • Aquaforest AF Life Source

    Product Description100% natural deposit derived from the cleanest waters of the Pacific- from Fiji. It is perfect as a buffer to enhance microbiology in saltwater aquariums. Biological stabilization is a key element in the culture of corals. By using the...

    As low as $24.99
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  • Aquaforest AF Phytomix 100ml bottle

    Aquaforest AF Phytomix 100ml bottle

    Product DescriptionLiquid food for soft, gorgonian and non-photosynthetic corals. It consists of zooplankton and phytoplankton. It should be applied every other day.Dosage: 10 drop per 100L (27 US gal.) of water every other day when light is off.All...

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  • Aquaforest AF Protect Dip 50ml

    A disinfecting solution for corals Aquaforest AF prophylactic dip perfect formula for introducing new corals into the tank and for quarantine. The bathing process ensures healthy appearance, growth and development of corals. Thoroughly cleanses the...

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  • Aquaforest AF Vitality

    Aquaforest AF Vitality

    Product DescriptionSupplement containing concentrated vitamins for corals. Emphasizes the intensity of the colour and increases the resistance of coral. Supports recovery of stressed and weakened corals after import or disease. Vitamins are very easily...

    As low as $9.99
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  • Aquaforest BioS

    Aquaforest BioS

    Product DescriptionSupplement contains nitrifying bacteria. Dosage: 1 drop per 100l (27 US gal.) daily for first 2 weeks. Capacity: bottle of 10ml ( 0.35 fl.oz.), 50ml( 1.7 fl.oz.).

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  • Aquaforest Ca Plus

    Aquaforest Ca Plus

    Solution increasing calcium level of water. Application: 10ml of the solution increases Ca level of 10mg/l in 100l of water. Maximum daily dosage is 20ml in 100l (27 US gal.) of water. Calcium level in reef aquarium should be kept at around 430mg/l. US:...

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  • Aquaforest Calcium

    Aquaforest Calcium

    Product DescriptionAnagent to maintain constant levels of calcium in coral reef aquaria.Dissolve 50 g of the product in 1000ml of deionized water. To maintain ion equilibrium, use KH Buffer andReef Mineral Salt Aquaforest products as well. The...

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  • Aquaforest Carbon

    Aquaforest Carbon

    Product DescriptionHigh quality granulated active carbon. Eliminates undesirable chemical compounds in marine and freshwater aquariums. Carbon should be placed in flow filters in 100 ml for 100 l (27 US gal.) of water in marine aquarium or 200 l (54 US...

    As low as $8.99
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  • Aquaforest Component 1+ 2+ 3+

    hemical composition of Component 1+2+3+ is based on the method developed by H. Balling. The formula has been fine tuned in our lab and enriched with trace elements that are fundamental for maintaining marine aquarium organisms in good form. As a result...

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