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  • Aquatic Sealife Refractometer

    Product DescriptionAlmost all, if not all, of the refractometers currently available to the aquarium hobby are designed for measuring saltwater (sodium chloride or brine solution) and not true ‘seawater’. Although seawater is mostly sodium chloride it...

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  • Hanna Refractometer HI96822

    The HI96822 is a rugged, portable digital refractometer designed for the measurement of salinity of natural or artificial seawater. The HI96822 displays results in three popular measurement units: Practical Salinity Units (PSU), salinity in parts per...

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  • Sea Side Aquatics Refractometer

    Model 211 ATCDescription:UsageMeasure, monitor and control the concentration of salt water.Vital if you need to check salt levels for your aquarium.Healthy fish are happy fish! Ensure the percentage of salinity in your aquarium or pond is just how your...

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