Freshwater or Saltwater Services:

Don’t know where to start? Let our talented design staff do what we do best! We will custom design the perfect system & scape for your new or existing project whether fresh or saltwater.


 Leave it to the professionals so “All you do is feed the fish”. Our experienced team will manage the care and maintenance while you enjoy the beauty of your aquarium.


Typical service includes: 

Reef System:

  • 1-4 visits per month
  • Water change
  • Water testing and adjusted dosing requirements including replacing elements
  • Cleaning service including; algae removal, filtration system cleaning and carbon change, light fixture and hood cleaning
  • Sand Vac to keep Nitrates at bay
  • Outside of Aquarium cleaned along with Salt Creep removal
  • Coral maintanance

Fish Only system:

  • 1-4 Visits per month
  • Water change
  • Water Testing
  • Sand Vac
  • Clean all decorations
  • wipe down exterior of system
  • Check & replace all filter material

Pond & outdoor systems:

  • Installation of new ponds
  • monthly maintanence of exiting ponds
  • water changes 
  • water testing
  • rehab exiting ponds
  • cleaning services
  • Livestock available
  • Pond plants avaialable

 Water delivery Service:

  •  Setting up a new aquarium and need massive amounts of saltwater or RODI? Our delivery service can bring the water to your new aquarium, inquire about this service

 Livestock delivery Service:

We can also provide your tech on your scheduled maintenance day the following:

  •  Supplies
  •  Fish
  •  Clean up Crews

 Just let your Tech know what you want and they will bring it on the next scheduled delivery