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With the sea of online aquarium sites, it is difficult to decide which online or retail store deserves your hard-earned money. We would like to earn your business and your trust: not only delivering the best products to you by having all your favorite equipment, but also provide you with a great shopping experience by having knowledgeable hobbyists on staff at our large retail store to serve you. We have our hands in saltwater each and every day, we tinker with most new products that hit the market and combined we have over 50 years of experience behind us!

Why shop with us?

Tired of waiting days for an email response,calling only to get a voicemail or talking to uninterested order-takers? Here at Aquatic Sealife New Orleans we take pride in what we do, we constantly monitor our email and online chat!. We understand how important it is for us to be there for our customers. Knowledgeable and passionate aquarium hobbyists are here to answer your questions and to help select the right equipment the first time with you by phone, chat or email.

Our passion for the hobby.

Each and every employee at the Aquatic Sealife team are very passionate aquarium enthusiasts. This ensures that our merchandise is or has been tested by us or our cutomers and we can give out first handed information from actual users and not just the companies that developed and see the products. We get as excited as you do in the latest industry trends and innovations. We also enjoy sharing this passion with you.

Just email us or give us a call and find out for yourself the Aquatic Sealife difference!

ProStar Aquarium Fully Authorized Online & Stocking Dealers :


Again, unlike most online re-sellers, that have never even had a ProStar aquarium up and running, we at Aquatic Sealife New Orleans have one of the largest showrooms in the State, come in and see all the ProStar aquariums here on the showroom floor, we even have some running!

We know ProStar, we know how they work, we know that they are the best on the market! Super quality that will last for years and years!

Authorized Dealer = Full Warranty

One of the most important things about buying equipment online is to buy from an Authorized Dealer, here at Aquatic Sealife we are Authorized dealers and are carefully selected based on their commitment to customer service and knowledge of various products. Only products purchased from an authorized dealer carry a FULL MANUFACTURER WARRANTY. All manufacturer warranties apply.

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